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African 100% Polyester Wax Print Fabric



One of the most important factors when choosing a quality African 100% polyester wax print fabric is price. The cheaper fabrics from Asia are generally cheaper than those made in Africa, so many Africans opt to buy them instead. On the other hand, the higher-priced authentic fabrics are bought in smaller quantities or for special occasions. The good news is that you can tell the difference between the two by comparing the prices of the fabric and the cloth itself.

A genuine African 100% polyester wax print fabric will be more expensive than a replica. The fabric that is counterfeited is often made with low-quality cotton and is not as durable as an authentic one. The fabric that is authentic is made with higher quality cotton and is sourced locally in the country that it was made in. It will last for a long time and be colourfast.

The price ranges from $1.60-$1.90 a yard and comes in AFRICAN 100% POLYESTER WAX an exotic mix of vibrant colors. This fabric is perfect for African clothing, throw cushions, upholstery, quilting, and more. This fabric is available in various colors and designs and is cut in 6 yard lengths.

The best African wax fabric is double-sided and features a selvage. The weight of the fabric is about 548 grams per square metre. African fabric is typically six yards long and contains an extra fat quarter at the side. It is also available in six-yard cloths, which is more expensive.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing 100% African Polyester wax fabric. For example, you should make sure that the manufacturer of the fabric adds a special code to the selvage to distinguish it from a fake. This code is an important factor, because counterfeits often cost half as much as the real thing. You should also be wary of ads with words like ‘guaranteed’ or ‘original’ when they may be nothing more than a sales pitch. It is better to stick with a reputable business that knows what it is doing.

There are some advantages to purchasing authentic African 100% Polyester wax print fabrics. Many of these fabrics come from Africa, and a number of countries in Europe and Asia produce the fakes. However, these fabrics are of a lower quality than the originals. Furthermore, Asian fabric manufacturers often copy the original design, thereby making the product cheaper. This is problematic for African manufacturers because it can take up to three months to produce a copy of a fabric with an authentic design.


When buying African fabric, one must be sure to find authentic cotton and wax prints. There are many ways to tell the difference. First, authentic African fabrics are made from 100% cotton. This type of fabric is soft, durable, and colorfast. The next important factor to consider is how the fabric AFRICAN 100% POLYESTER WAX feels. Genuine cotton and wax prints feel softer and more flexible. The opposite is true for fake fabrics. The best way to tell the difference is to touch the fabric.

Another way to identify authentic African cotton and wax prints is to look for a unique code on the selvage of the fabric. This way, you can identify which fabric is made by an African manufacturer. Many African manufacturers are closing their factories due to the high cost of Asian fabrics. This affects the livelihoods of African people.

Another important thing to remember when buying African cotton and wax prints is that the materials used to create these fabrics are not native to the country they are produced in. Instead, Dutch colonisers tried to duplicate the handmade local cloth in factories in the Netherlands. The Dutch were unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Authenticity of African wax print fabric

If you are looking for an African 100% polyester wax print fabric, you should consider the source and the quality of the fabric. While the Netherlands, Ghana and Kenya are the major producers of authentic African wax fabrics, Asian countries also produce replicas and sell them at lower prices than the original fabrics. Asian-produced fabrics often copy the designs of the African wax fabrics, which means that you should choose a product that is made in Africa.

To tell if a fabric is authentic, look for a unique code on the selvage. This code will be added by the manufacturer, allowing you to identify the fabric. If you’re unsure, ask a knowledgeable store employee for help. African-made fabric is more expensive, so you’ll probably want to buy it in small quantities for special occasions.

Authentic African wax fabric is made from 100% cotton, which is softer and colorfast than polyester. If you’re not sure, you can try feeling the fabric first to determine if it’s genuine or fake. If the fabric feels stiff and hard, it might be a fake.

African wax print fabric is very distinctive for its multicolor combination and texture. It is made of polyester or a polyester/cotton blend and retains its color and texture even after repeated washings. Moreover, it’s comfortable to wear. African wax print fabric is called Ankara, and it is widely used throughout West Africa. It is also a versatile material that can be dressed up or down with different accessories. In addition to clothing, wax prints can be used for craft and furniture upholstery.

The wax is removed from the fabric after printing, making it recyclable for future fabric production. Afterwards, the fabric is processed to add different finishes, which can make it more expensive. The authenticity of African wax print fabric is extremely important as it’s difficult to find authentic African wax print fabric outside of Africa. Most of the counterfeit fabrics are made in Asia and are not even close to the originals.