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Athermal AWG Module is thought to be a sophisticated telecom tool that is used for different applications in the industry. It is extensively utilized in FTTX applications. It aids users to get a variety of functions as well as benefits. Read the write-up about several of the many benefits of the Athermal AWG component.

Athermal AWG Module and Its Advantages:

Athermal AWG Module, which is a kind of passive waveguide component, incorporates multi-channel arrayed waveguide grating( AWG) and optical isolator into one module.

With the advantages of space-saving, reduced insertion loss, high network seclusion, broad temperature array, and also very easy setup, Athermal AWG Component is widely utilized in thick wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) telecommunications networks.

Advantages of Athermal AWG Component:

Space Conserving: compared with standard AWGs without isolators, Athermal AWG Component can save area considerably since it combines 2 tools into a single component.

Low Insertion Loss: the insertion loss of arrayed waveguide grating is less than 0.5 dB. Considering the insertion loss of the isolator is 1-1.5 dB and also the coupling loss between both gadgets is just 0.2 dB, the insertion loss of the Athermal AWG Module can be controlled in the 3 dB variety.

High Network Isolation: the seclusion between networks for arrayed waveguide grating more than 30 dB; as well as for optical isolators, it can be greater than 25 dB also. Therefore, seclusion for Athermal AWG Components can be greater than 50 dB.

Final thought:

The benefit of using Athermal AWG is that it has a wide operating temperature level array. The atmosphere where Athermal AWG is made use of may differ from -40 ℃ to +70 ℃. On the other hand, the wavelength of the optical signal will additionally be impacted by the temperature level variation in the environment.