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Once you have decided on a tent type and size, there are other factors that you should pay attention to when buying to find the right tent for you.

Outer Material/Fabric:

Camping tents are made of different materials. The three most common variants are polyester, cotton, and nylon, and there are also mixed fabrics. All materials have different advantages and disadvantages.

Polyester Tents: Tents with polyester canvas are common and usually quite cheap e.g., soft rooftop tents. They are very light but are nevertheless tear-resistant and robust. In addition, polyester is easy to care for and UV-resistant. When it rains, it is quite waterproof and dries quickly after getting wet.

However, tents made of polyester heat up very quickly in the sun and rustle very loudly when it is windy.

Nylon tents: Tents with nylon tarpaulins are even lighter than polyester tents since nylon has a net weight of only approx. 60-70 g/m. They are also very tear-resistant and robust. In addition, the UV protection is higher than that of polyester.

However, nylon tents tend to be a bit more expensive and rather impractical in the rain, since the material expands when it is wet and therefore has to be tightened more often.

Cotton tents: Tents with cotton or cotton blend canvas provide a comfortable climate inside as they stay cool in summer and retain heat in colder weather. 

In addition, cotton is very tear-resistant, breathable, and has an even higher UV resistance than synthetic fibers. When it rains, the cotton fabric stays dense because it absorbs the water and expands. 

However, if you hit the tent ceiling from the inside, moisture can penetrate. Also, once cotton gets wet, it takes a long time to dry again. In addition, the material is quite heavy, which means that the whole tent is heavier.