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Compost Windrow Turner

compost windrow turner

Whether you’re a farmer, rancher or gardener, having a compost windrow turner is essential. It’s designed to turn compost into your planting beds, leaving you with a clean, healthy soil that’s ready to plant. The windrow turner has been engineered with the most advanced technologies, so you can turn your compost quickly and efficiently. And, with a wide array of models and sizes, you can get the windrow turner that’s perfect for your farming needs.


Designed for the composting of sewage sludge and green goods, the BACKHUS A 45 windrow turner is a self-propelled machine. It features fuel-efficient diesel engine technology. It can be used in a number of applications such as soil remediation, composting of green waste and composting of waste from sewage treatment plants. It has a turning capacity of 3,000 m3 per hour and a width of 4.5 m.

The BACKHUS A 45 windrow turner is available in a wheeled drive and a tracked drive version. It is designed to compost green waste, sewage sludge, composting of waste from sewage treatment plants and earthworks. It also features a low consumption diesel engine, a robust design, automatic float feature and an intuitive interface.

BACKHUS turners offer a high level of turning performance and material quality. They have a durable turning drum, a panoramic cabin and a smart management system that optimizes the performance of the machine. They can be integrated into existing waste treatment plants or used as part of new systems. They are also suitable for use in lane composting.

The self-propelled compost windrow turner is capable of moving over a wide variety of terrains. It has a turning capacity of 7,000 m cube per hour and can work with windrows up to 2.4 m high and 5.5 m wide. It can also be configured with an onboard water tank and hose reel water system.

The BACKHUS CON 50 and A 75 turn windrows up to 7.5 m wide and can process windrows up to 100 m long. They have a caterpillar undercarriage that guarantees simultaneous winding and unwinding of the membranes. They work seamlessly with the CONVAERO System.

Aeromaster PT-130

Several compost producers use windrows of ground yard waste for composting. These windrows are mixed with manure and allow the material to naturally decompose. The process of composting generates considerable heat and moisture. Keeping the windrows at the proper temperature and moisture level is necessary for the proper microbes to thrive.

A self-propelled compost turner is an important component of a composting operation. Powered by a 250 hp John Deere Diesel engine, the turner creates windrows of up to 14′ wide by 7′ tall. The turner also features a radial stacking swivel conveyor, and a hydraulic rear axle to adjust the height of the drum. It can also load into a truck.

The Aeromaster PT-130 compost windrow turner is designed for sites producing up to 9,000 tons of finished compost per season. It can be used by a single operator, and features an Auto trip PTO driveline. The turner’s unique design ensures that carbon dioxide built up in the windrow is removed, replacing it with fresh oxygen.

The Aeromaster PT-130 compost windrow turner is designed to mix all materials in the windrow without pulverizing them, and it features an advanced drum and tine compost windrow turner design. In addition to this, it features an oxygen management system to replenish the oxygen supply in the windrow.

The Aeromaster PT-130 compost windrow turner is an important component of the Penn Valley Farms premium product line. It is used to produce Aeromaster Humus compost. Aeromaster Humus is formulated by Penn Valley Farms, and is sold under the name of “Aeromeda”.

Aeromaster compost turners are also valuable for inoculating compost with supplemental microbial species. In order to achieve a higher quality product, it is important to use a windrow turner that provides thorough aeration.

Komptech Topturn

Featuring a robust telescopic frame, a high performance hydraulic system, and a roomy workspace, Komptech Topturn X4500 is perfect for medium-sized composting operations. This machine offers optimal windrow pile sizing for consistent performance, and is available in wheel and tracked chassis.

Komptech Topturn X4500 includes a patented scraper bar for complete mixing of the windrow outside to inside. This machine’s large turning drum ensures optimum mixing of materials. With an optional 205 kW motor, it is also capable of handling 14’9″ wide compost batches. Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful air conditioner for maximum comfort.

With a strong drive and a large drum, Komptech Topturn X55 offers excellent performance and convenience. It is also designed to ensure optimal windrow pile sizing for reduced composting time. It is equipped with thrower blades and conveyor blades, which ensure that materials are mixed before passing through the drum.

Komptech Topturn X4500 also includes an air-cushioned seat for maximum comfort. It is also equipped with a hydraulically extended maintenance platform. It has a large, roomy cockpit that can accommodate two operators and allows for easy maintenance.

Komptech Topturn X-Series windrow turners are designed to ensure optimal windrow pile sizing and porosity. The X4500 is also engineered to deliver high throughput with a patented scraper bar and a roomy cockpit.

The Topturn X63 is a powerful compost windrow turner designed to meet the highest demands of composting operations. The CAT(r) C13 diesel engine provides a power output of 5,800 cubic yards per hour. Moreover, the large drum, with thrower blades, allows for a well-mixed windrow in the wake. It features a large color display that provides easy access to all operational functions.

FYD series organic fertilizer windrow turners

Compared with the traditional composting method, composting windrow turners can reduce the time and energy consumed in fermentation. This is especially helpful in the process of organic fertilizer production. Moreover, composting windrow turners can improve the oxygen content in the fertilizer. These turners are widely used for the treatment of animal waste, horticulture plantation, white button mushrooms, etc. They are easy to use and can provide the best conditions for the aerobic fermentation.

Composting windrow turners are designed to turn, break, and mix organic fertilizer materials. They can be used in flat spaces and can accommodate different compost windrow turner sizes of windrows. These turners are also easy to maintain.

Composting equipment can blend different types of organic waste, livestock dung, and microbial preparation. It is also suitable for the fermentation of organic waste. The fermentation process provides good aerobic conditions, which promotes the growth of zymophytes. These turners can provide more oxygen to the materials, which prevents the accumulation of poisonous gasses.

The self-propelled compost turner can work in a greenhouse, open area, and workshop. It can provide space for aerobic fermentation, as well as reduce the cost. It is a major part of the whole set for manufacturing organic fertilizer.

These windrow turners have a special crushing function in the aerobic fermentation stage. It can reduce the temperature of the materials, improve the oxygen content, and redistribute cooler portions of the windrows. This can improve the efficiency of the whole fertilizer production plant.

Self-propelled compost windrow turners are widely used in the production of organic fertilizer. They meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. It is the ideal machine for the production of organic fertilizer.

CT series compost/windrow turners

Having the right type of windrow composting machine is vital to successful waste management. Windrow composting is a method of piling organic matter in long rows and turning them over.

When turning organic waste into compost, moisture and heat are important. The amount of water used, as well as the amount of material turned, will affect the quality of compost. Compost windrow turners can range from four feet to 12 feet in height. They are usually designed to be used on hard-surfaced pads.

A few things to consider when buying a compost windrow turner include portability, height, and the amount of material to be turned. The type of movement, the amount of material to be turned, and the amount of horsepower needed will also play a role in the decision.

The Komptech Topturn X63 compost windrow turner has a large turning drum, a CAT(r) C13 engine, and conveyor blades. The machine is designed for the most demanding commercial composting applications. It also features a built-in wetting system.

A new cooling system keeps the engine cool even when the temperature is high. A fleece cover will help keep moisture in the windrow, and a fleece roller picks up fleece as the compost is turned. This can be particularly helpful in wet climates.

CT Series Compost/Windrow Turners have been designed by JPH Equipment in Brisbane, Australia. The CT270 Compost/Windrow Turner is available in 1800mm and 4800mm. This unit also has a watering system for even spraying into the windrow. This unit also has a side-mounted trailing arm.

A CT Series Compost/Windrow Turner is designed to run at speeds of up to 170 meters per hour. This machine also includes a safety clutch on the PTO. It also includes a hydraulic system that lets the unit lift the Windrow Turner for greater ground clearance.