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Whether bags, purses, backpacks, or aesthetic bags you have stitched on your own – with a sophisticated magnetic button, the bag comes to be a real treasure. Tiny, round, and also shiny in magical silver or gold, they will certainly make your embroidery concepts sparkle. Magnetic buttons are quite very easy to attach,

Position Magnetic Buttons & Cut Material:

To attach a magnetic switch (e.g. from Snaply) you require both fastener components (upper as well as a lower component) as well as the particular counterpart for the back of the material on which you want to affix the snap fastener. Also, 2 pieces of textile of the same product as your sewing project for reinforcement, a pen, and a scalpel knife or cutter for scoring.

  • In the primary step, note the placement of your fastener and also check whether your bag or similar can be closed well with it. Choosing the appropriate placement is an all-important element.
  • After that use a pen to mark the specific position of the fastener. Utilize the scalpel knife * to score your product at the markings (make certain you have a working pad).
  • Now you can put the attaching components on the ideal side of the material via the damaged holes and also fix them on the left side of the material with the equivalent attachment item.
  • Thanks to the small item of material for reinforcement, the push button is nice and also strong as well as doesn’t remove so easily later on. Currently, the two steel wings of the locking item only need to be curved over.
  • The magnetic closure is ready. Not that challenging, is it? Now you can attach such a glossy button to your next handbag without any trouble.