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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corrugated Box

corrugated box

A corrugated box is a package that is made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated boxes are designed to meet specific requirements for processing and end use. Corrugated box designers work to balance design factors with performance requirements and total cost throughout the entire system. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a box.


A double-wall corrugated box is a rigid box that is rectangular in shape and used to protect a product during shipping. These boxes are typically made of recycled paper or virgin wood fiber. They are often stronger than plain cardboard boxes because they contain more lignin. This lignin content provides the box with its toughness and is not removed during the manufacturing process. The market for double-wall corrugated boxes is expected to increase substantially over the next few years.

Double-wall corrugated boxes are generally more expensive than single-wall boxes, but their increased rigidity and strength make them a great choice for shipments of heavier products. Choosing the right kind of box is a decision based on several factors, and the final cost may surprise you.

Single-wall boxes contain only one layer of fluting, making them economical. However, they still rigid boxes provide rigidity and cushioning to the contents inside. Corrugated cardboard consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. The flutes run parallel to the depth of the box, providing rigidity and strength for stacking.

Single-wall corrugated boxes are inexpensive, disposable, and often collapsible. Single-wall boxes can hold up to 10kg. Double-wall boxes, also known as 5-ply boxes, are more durable and offer superior protection to heavier items. These boxes are also available in a range of shapes.

Double-wall corrugated boxes are available in several sizes. They can be as small as 8 x 8 inches, or as large as twenty-four inches by forty-four inches by forty-five inches. They come with metal hanger bars for extra stability. These boxes are also puncture-resistant and come with handling labels. They are available in stock and can be shipped the same day. You can also customize the packaging by printing and incorporating your logo or graphics.

These boxes are often made of different types of paper. Some are made of Kraft paper, while others are made of recycled paper. Double-wall corrugated boxes can also be made of multiple flutes. This gives board converters the flexibility to adjust printability, cushioning strength, and total thickness.

Double-wall boxes are a great option for heavier or more fragile items that need extra protection. They are also excellent for long-term storage and safe stacking in warehouses and transit. They are also more rigid than single-wall boxes and are therefore more durable. They also offer superior protection against sudden changes in temperature. This makes them an excellent choice for many products. However, they are more expensive than single-wall boxes.


A corrugated box divider is a simple and effective way to separate and secure items. This type of partition is designed to support heavier and taller goods, providing additional protection to your products. Corrugated dividers can be folded into a U-shape, Z-shape, or H-shape, depending on the type of box you’re using.

Corrugated partitions are made of strong materials and can protect items during storage or transportation. They also prevent products from touching each other. This is especially important for fragile products, such as wine glasses. Choosing the right divider size is important to protecting your products and valuables from damage during transportation.

Depending on the contents of your box, you should select a corrugated box divider that will fit the products inside. Fragile objects will need a stronger divider. For example, a box containing 12 wine glasses will need a taller divider than a box with four wine glasses.

A fiber partition is one of the most popular options among corrugated box dividers. It provides superior protection for products and is compatible with automatic packaging equipment. In addition, it consumes less paper and is 75% smaller than standard corrugated dividers. Additionally, it reduces lateral impact damage.

Corrugated dividers are a great choice for businesses that sell products online. These dividers will allow you to ship more items in each box while still maintaining the same level of protection. They rigid boxes also make it easier to count inventory and store different types of goods within the same box. In addition, corrugated cardboard dividers are thicker than plain cardboard dividers and are excellent for cushioning products.

If you’re packaging multiple products in the same box, you might consider using layer pads as well. These dividers will make your box more stable and secure, as well as give you a level surface for your products. They also provide additional protection against box cutters. You may also want to consider purchasing a corrugated box divider if you’re planning on a lot of shipments.

Dividers for corrugated boxes can also help you separate bottles of wine. For example, a wine box divider prevents glass bottles from touching each other during shipping. It will also prevent the bottles from hitting each other and breaking. There are many different types of dividers for this type of shipping box.


Corrugated box overlap is a feature that gives an additional layer of protection to fragile items. It can also provide extra cushioning and support for the items inside. Boxes with full overlap have flaps that overlap at the sides of the opening. These boxes are similar to regular slotted containers, but the overlapping flaps are longer.

Corrugated box overlap can be achieved in two ways: the Center Special slotted box, which has outer and inner flaps cut to different lengths that meet in the middle. This box is sturdy as it is made of double-thick corrugated board. Its inner flaps are also not gapped, making it easy to stack. Using this type of box will also make it easier for you to secure the goods inside.

Double-wall boxes are more durable and resistant to punctures. They are usually made of two or three sheets of linerboard. Double-wall boxes are more versatile and can be used to ship heavier objects. These boxes should be used only when a higher strength box is required. The industry uses two tests to determine the strength of a double-wall box.

The Corrugated Box Overlap Style is the most common corrugated box style. It has flaps that overlap half the width of the box and meets in the middle. This style is highly efficient to manufacture and causes little waste. It is often sealed with adhesive or tape. Its outer flaps are also overlapping.

Corrugated boxes are made of strong, recyclable ECT-32 kraft corrugated. They are available with full-overlap flaps, adding extra protection. The overlap flaps also help prevent moisture from penetrating through the box. This makes it more sturdy and protects the contents inside.

Corrugated boxes can be made to fit the needs of the distribution system. Some have a narrow width while others are full-width. In addition, they are extremely sturdy and can be stacked on a pallet without losing their integrity. They can be printed with a variety of colors and have a tape closure for a tight seal.

In addition to the standard Corrugated Box, there are two special styles of the Corrugated Box. The center special style is designed to improve the integrity of the box. This style has minor differences, including shorter inner flaps that create gaps in the middle. They are often used when the length of the box is more than the width.