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The gypsum board production line takes gypsum plaster for constructing motive because the principle of uncooked cloth, combination it with chemical additives and water, preserve pours into the space among protecting tissue, through part sealing, strain, coagulation, cut, dry and so forth, which make the moderate building substances. The feature of our gypsum board production line encompasses low electricity intake, no pollution, and short production.

Production device:
Dosing section—Forming section—slicing section—drying section—facet Trimming phase—Stacking phase
Principal raw materials of gypsum board:
construction gypsum powder, changed starch, defensive paper, foaming agent, water, white latex. Fiberglass and paper pulp
Important systems of gypsum board production line:
1. Paper supply system;
2. Gypsum Powder supply machine;
3. Water supply gadget;
four. Foaming machine;
5. Forming system;
6. Conveying system;
7. Drying machine;
8. Heating system;
9. length fixing system;
10. dust removal device;
11. Sealing system;
12. control system
Two kinds of Gypsum board production line Assembling kind the assembling type manner that withinside the producer`s manufacturing facility, consistent with the whole set of drawings, the producer system all of the accessories and weldments to be the completed products. For the on-web web page set up, most of them use the bolts to connect the device to reduce the device of on-web web page welding. This form can successfully keep the setup time. This kind continuously applies to medium to huge-scale paper-faced gypsum board production lines. it’s going to make the packing and transportation artwork handier for exportation. nowadays, the assembling type installation can be very well-known worldwide.

On-web web page installation type On-web web page installation kind of manner that the manufacturer is satisfactorily answerable for the processing additives of the device. other additives such as the installation, welding, small additives assembling, and all the setup artwork may be finished on-web the web page. This shape of installation will take a lengthy time. A gift, this form of installation is healthy for the manufacturing line with the every year functionality beneath 5 million rectangular meters withinside the housing market, however now not appropriate for exportation.
Completed gypsum board Specification
size of gypsum board:
Thickness: 7mm-22mm
width: 1200mm or 1220mm
period: 1800mm~3600mm
Varieties of Gypsum Board
a) not unusual paper ground gypsum board
b) Fireproof paper ground gypsum board (H)
c) water-resistant paper ground gypsum board (S)
Advantages of Gypsum Board
1) Product fantastic: product awesome is a priority to the global good-sized GB/T9775-1999 (same as European trendy).
2) The gypsum board which is produced with the resource of the usage of the gypsum board manufacturing line is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, insulated, moderate, nonpoisonous, with little pollution,