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  • Infrared light is an invisible light that is a type of electromagnetic wave, but it has the property of not passing through walls.
  • The Infrared microphone system, which uses the characteristics of infrared rays, has no risk of information leakage and is also excellent in terms of security.
  • It is very effective for conference rooms of companies such as government agencies and public institutions and has gained attention in recent years as an important tool in terms of corporate social responsibility.
  • It is possible to build a system that supports various modes of operation of the conference room.
  • The number of lines that can be used at the same time has increased from the usual 4 lines to 8 lines. It is comparable to a wireless RC microphone and supports various modes of operation.
  • A PLL control synthesizer system is used as the microphone, and multiple channels can be selected with one microphone.
  • Supports switching patterns such as conference room division and batch operation, and you can select the appropriate number of microphones for each operation.

Easy to install and manage, no major construction required

In large educational institutions with multiple classrooms, conventional wireless microphones must use different channels for each classroom to avoid interference. For this reason, even if there are many microphones, it is troublesome to change the channel settings, and there is a phenomenon called “dedicated microphone”, when only a certain microphone can be used in a particular class, which is a heavy burden for managers and teachers

For systems with IR microphones, the same type of receiver can be installed as there will be no interference if they are separated by thick walls or curtains.

Advantages of an infrared microphone system resistant to interference and information leaks

  • Eliminate radio-controlled wireless microphone interference and audio dropout problems in densely populated or adjacent areas, such as businesses and public facilities.
  • There is no concern that the confidential information discussed in the meeting will be shared with other institutions or companies.

Because, unlike a wired microphone, there are no wire runs, you can design with design in mind.