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Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wooden fibers, regularly in a defibrillator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming it into panels by making use of excessive temperature and pressure. MDF is usually denser than plywood. It is made from separated fibers however may be used as a constructing fabric comparable in software to plywood. It is more potent and denser than particleboard.

 The call derives from the difference in densities of fiberboard. Large-scale manufacturing of MDF started withinside the 1980s, in each North America and Europe.


The exceptional varieties of MDF (every so often categorized through color) are:

Ultralight MDF plate (ULDF)

 Moisture-resistant board is normally green

Fire retardant MDF is normally crimson or blue

Chip manufacturing

The timber is debarked after being cut. The bark may be bought to be used in landscaping or used as biomass gasoline in on-web web page furnaces. The debarked logs are despatched to the MDF plant, in which they undergo the chipping process. A normal disk chipper includes 4 to sixteen blades. Any ensuing chips which might be too massive can be rechipped; undersized chips can be used as gasoline. The chips are then washed and checked for defects. Chips can be saved in bulk, as a reserve for manufacturing


  1. Consistent in electricity and size
  2. Shapes well
  3. Stable dimensions (much less enlargement and contraction than herbal wooden)
  4. Takes paint well
  5. Takes wooden glue well
  6. High screw pull-out electricity withinside the face grain of the fabric
  7. It is flexible


  1. Denser than plywood or chipboard
  2. Low-grade MDF may also swell and smash whilst saturated with water
  3. May warp or amplify in humid environments if now no longer sealed
  4. May launch formaldehyde, that’s an acknowledged human carcinogen and can reason allergy, eye and lung infection whilst slicing and sanding
  5. Dulls blades greater speedy than many varieties of wooden: Use of tungsten carbide-edged slicing equipment is sort of mandatory, as excessive-velocity metal dulls too speedy.
  6. Though it does now no longer have a grain withinside the aircraft of the board, it does have one at the board. Screwing into the brink of a board will usually reason it to break up in a style just like delaminating.