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To be able to cope with your everyday life – but also various events in life – you need more or fewer utensils that you have to carry with you at all times.

From the purse to the lipstick, powder, hand cream, handkerchiefs, and blister plasters to smartphones, laptops, files, keys, business cards, talismans, stain pencils, disinfectant spray, spare shoes … (and the list goes on), everything is there that women need daily under her bag lock protection. 

These needs are just as individual as your personality and your life.

If you are one of the “typical” women, then you already have far more handbags in your closet than you do yet, strangely enough, there is still one missing – the one you need right now.

Or you are still dreaming of that very special bag that you want to buy “someday”.

Or you are still looking for the ideal bag that you can use every day and as much as possible for everything.

So let’s approach the topic of handbags systematically and consider the most important questions for bag choice:

  1. Which shape and structure of the handbag suit me? Shape and structure are very important style criteria – with greater effects on the level of elegance and smaller effects on your figure.
  1. Which color or pattern of the handbag suits me? Choosing the color or pattern of your handbag depends on what function your handbag should have in the look.
  1. Which size of handbag suits me? This factor has practical, figurative, and stylistic implications. There is every pocket size – from the mini bag, the so-called Redikül, to the XXL bag in the shape of a shopper, travel bag, or pouch.