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Fall Decor Round Up

Well friends, I’ve been slacking on the whole blogging thing lately. Not off to quite a good start, but it happens. Life sometimes gets in the way.

It wasn’t until I was taking down my fall decor and putting up my Christmas decorations that I realized I never took pictures of the ways I decorated this year. So I snapped some pictures as I went.

Fall/autumn manor

Always next to our TV we have orange sticks on display to bring some color into our otherwise fairly neutral living room.

Fall/autumn mantle

My favorite decor, no matter the time of year is a great garland to place on your mantle. Daniel disagrees because it occasionally interferes with turning the volume up on the TV, but thats a story for another day. I found this garland at Pier 1 last year. It has plenty of fall colors in the leaves as well as a few berries and pine cones. It also hides the sound bar and cords  underneath the TV, so for that I appreciate it.

pumpkin lights

I found these pumpkins at a small shop last fall and fell in love with them, they are a little bit on the rustic side, but can be up all season.
fall/autumn lantern

Lanterns are a great way to bring in seasonal decor. I think they are subtle and can move around and fill the space where there may be some decor lacking. This year I put a autumn spice pillar candle along with some berries, leaves and straw to make it festive for the season.

Fall/autumn table settings

To me, fall is all about the burlap, straw, orange, reds and browns. I also am a sucker for anything gold so I was able to incorporate some as well. I normally keep our table somewhat set because you never know when you may have some guests. Above is how I had it set for most of the fall. The burlap runner is from Target and works well with many different settings. I found the pinecones, acorns and glitter pumpkins at Pier 1 last year. The place mats are this year from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Lastly, the wood disk is from Michaels. I utilized it to bring some height into the setting.

fall yankee candle

Home decor is not complete with out a seasonal scent.This year we burned Fall Festival in our living room. I think scents help to really bring all your decor to life and create the cozy feel when you come home at the end of the day.

I justified taking my fall down a little early this year (Sunday before Thanksgiving) as about a week prior I hosted a “Friendsgiving” with some girlfriends from high school. I love entertaining and am truly grateful for friendships that have continued since graduation and the ability to reconnect with some other ladies after college. In addition to hosting, I made the turkey, stuffing, and gravy and no one ended up in the hospital so I think I succeeded and consider myself a true adult now.

Ignore the bad lighting, but here are a couple pictures of the table settings from that night:

Friendsgiving table settings Friendsgiving table settings

My place settings were fairly simple and I was able to utilize things I already had for decor and for my tables.

The first table I utilized woven placemats to incorporate the straw feel. I also had red, green, orange plaid napkins which I tied with straw and placed faux leaves in the tie to really make it feel like fall.

At the second table, I added brown napkins and white plates to what I already had set at the table. I went with something a little more simple to not distract from the fun placemats I had set. Additionally, the gold glitter pumpkins are in my opinion the highlight, so I didn’t want to take away from that.

Dinner parties are kind of grand. I look forward to hosting many more for the rest of the holiday season.

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!




Out with the Accent Walls, in with the Accent Colors

For me, finding the perfect paint color is the ultimate task. It took me 5 different paint stores to find the right color for our living room and dining room because nothing was just quite right. Now that we are tackling the upstairs of our home, I am back at it finding the PERFECT paint color for each room.

One thing you will not find in our house in relation to paint is accent walls. Although common in the early 2000’s, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but gone are the days of one wall with a bold color complimenting the other three. I recently showed a house in which both the living room and the dining room donned accent walls. Despite the contemporary furniture, the house felt weirdly dated.

Also, as someone who works primarily with first time home buyers, I have noticed that buyers tend to gravitate towards the homes with neutral walls as it is easier for them to picture themselves and their furniture in the home with out the distraction of bold colors. Bold colors can often lead to room sizes looking smaller and comments related to how much work might be needed when painting over it.

For those with accent walls in your house, don’t feel the need to cover them up because there are some exceptions, however for those unable to paint your own walls because you are renting, or, you have the desire to paint your favorite bold color on the wall, don’t worry, I have a solution for you!

Accent colors! By implementing your go-to color in your décor versus your paint color, you still get to express your personal style but save yourself the pain when you decide you’re over it. For us, our go to color was D’s favorite, orange. Never do I think I would have been able to manage an orange wall, especially in my living room, but also because it would not create the sophisticated, relaxing feel I wanted in my entertaining space.

Through candles and throw pillows, as well as vases and more we have implemented a little bit of orange here and there in our home without it being too in your face like an orange wall would do.

living room sofa table living room vignette whiskey crate and vintage books fireplace vignette living room sectional living room

Overall, the orange has brought some interest into our otherwise neutral home but its not too hard to switch things up if we decided to use other colors. Another reason I like having accent colors is that they are easy to alter the feel of your home especially for each season. Around Christmas, my decor is primarily red and silver, so by keeping my accent colors strictly in the decor it is easy to prevent clashing and I can move things around until the holiday is over.

Now don’t get me wrong, for those of you who love an accent wall, by all means, stay true to your bold self and get that bright color on the wall. Ultimately, its you living in your home and you should be able to paint the walls what ever color your heart desires. Especially if you don’t have any plans to move soon now is the time.


What do you think? Did I hit the mark, or am I way off about accent walls? Comment below!