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Polypropylene bags, in addition to plastic bags, are a type of plastic bag extensively utilized in various markets, especially in food, confectionery as well as packaging. Consequently, on the internet buying remains to expand in time. You can obtain even more info or acquire these bags in our online store.

Polypropylene bag without valves

This kind of container is typically used when we want to be the ones that seal it. Confectioneries, some stoves or bakeshops typically utilize this kind of bag and they are normally transparent. These sorts of bags are made of bidirectional polypropylene. That is, it includes two layers rotated 90 degrees.

PP bag with valve

Thanks to the glue flap at the top, you can open as well as shut the bag without securing or shutting it. These polypropylene bags are very hassle-free.

Polypropylene bag with shutoffs as well as euro openings

These standard double-sided polypropylene bags contain a valve as well as an adhesive tape to close. The European drill makes it the perfect bag to hang in your display case. It can usually be seen in stationery shops.

Polypropylene bag with fold and square base

This sort of two-way PP bag has superb transparency and flexibility, ideal for food packaging, and regularly used in confectionery and candy stores.

These bags are typically sold in 0.04 mm thickness.

Use polypropylene bags.

They are mostly utilized to package particular products such as:

  • The food industry makes use of hygroscopic food product packaging (flour, pasta, biscuits, etc) since they are secured from wetness.
  • Garments or textiles: t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels … crammed in polypropylene bags.
  • Cosmetics: Creams, creams … Use polypropylene bottles or bags.
  • Pharmaceutical items
  • There are fluid containers such as drinks, power gels, mayonnaise as well as various other sauces.

These are simply several of the items that can be packed in PP bags, but they are not the only ones that we can discover.