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Electricity is the most important source of energy because more than 80% of the earth’s population depends on electricity to carry out various essential activities. Entrepreneurs and business people require electricity to facilitate the smooth running of their respective enterprises. Hospitals depend on electricity to run medical equipment such as life-supporting machines or defibrillators. Without electricity, the health of patients might be at risk and this is just a single example, among thousands that expose our vulnerability when it comes to being completely reliant on electricity. Reliance on the national grid to supply you with electricity can be a risky gamble if you depend on electricity to eke out your livelihood. You can remedy that situation by getting yourself an effective solar system that can sustain your activities. The Shenzhen Lemax New Energy Company is the perfect place to get your solar power system. You can sufficiently store power harvested from the sun’s rays using the company’s reliable Lithium-Ion Battery 24V.  

Detailed specifications of the Lithium-Ion Battery 

  • Voltage – The nominal voltage capacity for the Lithium-Ion battery is approximately 25.6 volts. 
  • Capacity – The nominal capacity that the battery can hold is approximately 100Ah if it is stored in a room with an optimal temperature of between 25°C to 0.2°C.
  • Compact and light-weight – It is easy to handle or transport the battery from one location to another because it weighs an incredible 25 kilograms despite its robust storage capacity. It has a length, width, and height dimensional measurement of 380 mm by 323 mm, by 218 mm respectively. 

It is available for sale at the Shenzhen Lemax New Energy Company and you can get it today at an affordable price.