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YSNetting is a company based in China that provides a warranty of up to 15 years of their best quality products. They have 20 years of experience in manufacturing shared fabric. They are capable of providing their customer’s high-quality wholesale service. They have a local shade factory. Their products are durable and can Be used from 5 to 15 years. They are professional shade cloth suppliers in China.

They wholesale commercial shade fabric, scaffold, debris net, greenhouse screen, and agriculture cover. Customers can customize the size and color of the products. They manufacture their products through the top manufacturing process of advanced heating-setting techniques. Their products are smooth in texture and dimensionally stable. Their machines are made to produce supreme quality fabric continuously.

They provide finished and semi-finished fabric products. They have a strong production ability where they can produce 140 feet containers of shade fabric in just 15 days. They can deliver their products internationally within 18 days. Annually, they produce 5000 tons.

Some of their featured products are given below.

  • Playground shade cloth.
  • Knitted shade fabric.
  • Africa waterproof shade cloth.
  • Car parking shade cloth.

This company has different brands which are specified for producing specific products. They are given beneath.

  • Inson shade: This brand was the first of their business which is meant for producing commercial shading and raw material. Fabric roll.
  • Stormtex: This brand is for the production of construction safety products and privacy fence screens.
  • Colaro: This brand is for producing outdoor raw material roll shading fabric. They also produce PU-coated and PVC-coated fabric.
  • Screen Max. agro tiles: This brand is for producing greenhouse climate screens and garden shade cloth.