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Door locks are used to secure your home or office. For many years, they have played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of our property.

Some time ago, traditional door locks were the only option. But times have changed, especially with technology. Today, you can install a Bluetooth door lock as an additional security measure.

But what are they? Let’s find out…

What Is a Bluetooth Door Lock?

A Bluetooth door lock is an advanced technology that allows you to open and close your door without using the key. It uses a wireless connection between the lock and your phone (or device). When you want to unlock the door, simply use your phone or device to make it happen!

How Does It Work?

It is simple—a small Bluetooth chip is placed on your door lock which connects with your phone/device using Bluetooth technology. 

When you want to open/close the door, simply send a command from your phone/device via an app (or any other method). The communication between your phone and device is enabled by software designed for both devices.

Then there is the battery that powers your lock system!

Whenever you approach your front door, it will automatically unlock when it senses that you are near. It only works when your phone comes within a certain range of the door (depending on how close you have set up your phone’s settings). When this happens, you won’t even have to think about unlocking your door. 

Another handy feature this kind of lock offers is that it allows you to set up codes for other people who may need access to your home (e.g. your kids or a housekeeper) or even provide temporary access to people who are just visiting (for example, if you live in an apartment and have visitors coming over from out of town).