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Have you ever locked yourself out of your own apartment? This probably wouldn’t have happened to you with a keyless door lock with app. With them, you can easily unlock the door with your smartphone.

How Do Smart Door Locks Work?

Smart door locks can be retrofitted for almost all doors. With such a smart lock, you no longer need keys, but can open the door in one or more of these ways:

Unlocking Via Smartphone: 

Open the associated app and unlock the door by pressing a button or swiping. You add new users by sending them an invitation. This is how you give family, friends, or neighbors access. 

With access authorizations, you can even restrict each user’s access in terms of time. You always have an overview of who was in the apartment and when.

Bluetooth Transmitter: 

With a Bluetooth transmitter, you can open the door at the push of a button. The principle is the same as with the garage door opener. The transmitters usually work via Bluetooth.

Code Lock: 

Anyone who has the appropriate code has access to a keypad. Several codes can be assigned to different users and are limited in time. A code is then only valid until the deadline or for a few hours, for example. Above all, landlords of holiday apartments benefit from this.

Fingerprint Scan: 

If a user is registered, their fingerprint is saved so that they can unlock the lock with just a quick swipe of their finger. The whole thing works similar to unlocking a smartphone.

Automatic Unlocking: 

If the Smart Lock is connected to the internet via a bridge, the app reads the GPS data from your smartphone and unlocks the lock automatically as soon as you get home. If you move away, the door will be locked again.