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The cast iron bathtub is a classic. Whether as a free-standing variant bedded on golden lion feet and with a curved rolled rim or as a corner bath inserted in rounded bath support, the bath fits into every bathroom. 

Cast iron was forgotten for a long time, but now the model is being made by bathtub forming machines in its old form and has returned to the bathrooms of the world.

In the free-standing versions, the model is available in the classic form with a rolled edge and lion’s feet, or in a washtub look without feet, but with a curved edge and curved shape. 

For a change, the variant is now also bedded on solid wooden beams, so it forms a nice alternative to the usual look. 

In addition, the nostalgic edition gets a modern touch with color accents or applications in the form of rivets. The built-in models made of cast iron can also be found in the classic variants. Hidden in tub support with aprons or a tiled front, it knows how to impress.

By the way, you can decide for yourself when it comes to the color scheme: If the outer surfaces of the bathtub are primed to prevent rust, you can paint them with acrylic or synthetic resin paint in the color of your choice.

The material is scratch-resistant and hard-wearing, and unlike acrylic, the bathtub retains its shape even under heavy loads. Cleaning is also faster than with acrylic since no deposits or discoloration can spread to the surface. 

With a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid, the bathtub quickly shines in new splendor. In contrast to its successor, steel enamel, cast iron has good heat storage properties, so the bathwater stays warm for a long time.