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The Great Debate – A White Couch

I consider myself to be a fairly practical person, that is why when thinking about our current upstairs renovations I suggested we get a pull out couch in the room slated to be my home office. Not only would this solve our occasional need for an extra bed in addition to our one guest bed, but it would allow me a comfy place to work if I get tired of my desk and I can avoid the temptations of working in the living room with the TV on in the background. Daniel quickly agreed with the idea, but what we can’t agree on is the color. I want something white or off-white in a micro suede with a great texture (read: easy to clean), and he says he will agree to grey, but that just doesn’t align with my vision.

I feel like in terms of decorating our house, I have made a few sacrifices in terms of my own personal style and preferences to accommodate the other person living here which rightfully so, relationships are all about compromise and sacrifices made out of love. For one, I have utilized much more brown/tan tones than I ever anticipated in my life because that is his preference, I consider myself to be much more of a grey person. When picking out new carpet, I went with something darker and considerably shag per his request. I have also introduced much more of a rustic style of decor, where I tend to gravitate towards things a little bit more modern. So when planning to decorate the home office where I will spend the majority of my time, I want to do things my way, and I’m not budging, The problem here…neither is he.

I like white, plain and simple. When everything is white it looks clean and free of distractions, its bright, and its inspiring. That’s how a workspace should be. Not to mention it tends to be a little bit more on the feminine side. I want a place in our home to express my own sense of style and to have somewhat of a little bit of an escape from the world. Mark my words, if he allows me to decorate the office the way I want to, I will let him have his way with the basement when we finish it.

In addition to white, I like gold. Gold MacBook to match my gold iPhone, naturally. I don’t own any silver or white gold jewelry, its all yellow gold. Which is why I would like to accent my white (not white and grey) workspace with gold. And maybe a hint of blush. What can I say, I like pretty things? Here are some photos I pulled from Pinterest for inspiration.

White couch, bar cart, gold, table, pillows
white desk, gold, white and gold, home, officewhite couch, gold pillows, white and goldGold desk accessories

The Everygirl, white couch Rachel Parcell's Desk

As evidenced by my Pins, a white couch is the way to go. Now I know what those of you on Daniel’s side are going to say, “it will get really dirty,” to which I disagree and will prove you wrong with the following reasons. First, fabric is everything. Micro suede not only is easy to clean, but it is often times water repellent which makes it great for the occasional oops. There are a variety of protectant sprays you can buy that will help maintain the fabric’s resistance to potential stains. Also, many manufacturers have a stain free warranty up to so many years just in case. In addition to micro suede, choosing micro suede with texture will help hide potential stains or dirt even further.

Second, think about location. It will be one of the least, if not THE least, trafficked rooms in our house. I will frequent quite a bit, and naturally Riesling will join me. Daniel may pop in and use the room occasionally and there will be 2 to 3 times a year where we will have multiple guests and need the extra bed. I also do not meet with clients in my home. All of these add up to low traffic. Low traffic means low usage, which means less potential for it to get dirty.

Lastly, you may be saying “but you have a dog, what about the muddy paw prints.” Riesling is notorious for getting dirty outside, especially since her favorite activity is wrestling with our neighbor’s dog, Sulley. However, when she comes inside she gets a pretty thorough wipe down of her paws and other dirt bearing areas with a wet rag and soap before she makes it passed our kitchen. The occasional time she does sneak passed, she makes it to the living room and then hunches over like she knows she is in trouble, but she could never make it upstairs without us catching her first. Hypothetically, if she does and subsequently takes refuge of the couch let me remind you of my first point, micro suede. A damp rag should wipe it right off.

Let me be clear, I truly appreciate Daniel’s suggested compromise of grey, but please tell me you agree when I say it just won’t do. Help us settle the debate and comment below! White or no?

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3 Comments on The Great Debate – A White Couch

  1. Jamie
    January 21, 2016 at 1:58 pm (1 month ago)

    It sounds like you would be the perfect white couch owner!!! I vote white…especially if it’s a low traffic area ????

  2. Elizabeth
    November 8, 2015 at 6:40 pm (4 months ago)

    White with the option of a slipcover in another color…it’s a win-win.

    • admin
      November 8, 2015 at 11:45 pm (4 months ago)

      That might be the only way we can come to a resolution!