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The No Good Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a no good, very bad day. I woke up with a hoarse voice, a dry cough, and the monthly reminder that I am a woman. And after returning home from an afternoon away, I discovered water in the basement and a cable and internet outage. On top of all this our house has a layer of dust in EVERY room due to being in the middle of a bathroom remodel and D is currently out of town until late Friday night, leaving me to remedy the chaos solo. In years passed I would have let the events of yesterday determine the outcome of the rest of my week. I would have shed tears out of frustration. I would have likely called D trying to take that exasperation out on him and blamed his absence for what was happening at home. But not this time, not this year. Yesterday, instead of wasting time dwelling in the frustration, I went into action. I moved things out of the way, I mopped up the water, and I ran to the hardware store to buy some fans to dry out the walls that were affected (which also included a second trip because one of the fans I bought was defective). And when I finally finished, I found humor in the series of unfortunate events, and I went to bed. Things are different this year. A year ago this week, a family member’s health took a turn for the worse. Fortunately, that family member has made a full recovery, but our lives and perspectives changed forever. It lead to D choosing a new job earlier this year. To me no longer getting upset when things didn’t fit into my expectation of perfection. It lead to taking every opportunity to travel as much as possible. But most of all it lead to an attitude of gratitude. When things don’t go our way its easy to get upset by them. But how lucky we are to have things to be upset about in the first place. Gratitude. I am so grateful I have a home to call my own. Yeah, sometimes basements get water in them, but better to have a basement than none at all. We are also fortunate to be able to afford to remodel our bathroom,  despite the inconvenience the dust may cause. And lastly, D has a great job. It may have brought about us being apart more often than together this year, but it has presented opportunities to travel more than ever and deem my income “fun money.” Things don’t always go our way. They aren’t always perfect. And sometimes, you have no good, very bad days. But the next day doesn’t have to be if you don’t let it. In the end, “This too shall pass.” And the next time you have a no good, very bad day, I hope you choose to have an attitude of gratitude, too. XO, CoCo