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Types of Rigid Boxes

Whether you’re looking for full-finish rigid boxes or drawer style rigid boxes, you can find a variety of choices to meet your needs. Some of the most common features you’ll find in rigid boxes include a solid hardwood base, an insulating layer, and a telescoping design.

Full-finish rigid boxes

Using rigid boxes is a great way to add a brand name and make your product look and feel special. They are sturdy, durable, and offer a rich and luxurious look. They are used by a variety of producers, retailers, and brands. But they must be styled properly to give the best effect.

There are two main types of rigid boxes: full finish and partial finish. Both come in different shapes and sizes. Each type offers a different set of benefits. However, they do share some common characteristics.

Full-finish rigid boxes are made with thick chipboard, usually between two and three mm thick. The chipboard is separated into different sections for each side of the box. The pieces are then laminated with different finishes. This ensures that the finished product is durable and resistant to tearing.

The full-finish box is also known as a luxury box. It has a unique style and is easy to handle. They may also come with metallic closures or ribbon pulls. They are also a great way to display high-end products on retail aisles.

They also come in different colors. Depending on the size, they can be printed or wrapped. For a more luxurious appearance, they can also have foil stamping. They can be printed with any color scheme and finished with various coatings. They may also have die-cut foam inserts. These inserts are available in a wide range of materials, and they can cradle and protect delicate products.

They can also have custom graphics, digital prints, and other finishing. They can be produced wholesale, and are a great way to get your brand name out there. They can be made retail-ready, or even storage-ready.

They are also a great way to create a luxury unboxing experience. With multiple layers, they create mystery and suspense for your customers. They also offer a solid protective construction. They are ideal for small to medium products. They may rigid boxes also be used to store and transport expensive jewelry. They are also ideal for gifting.

The luxury style rigid boxes are crafted by experts. They are compact, durable, and are easy to handle.

Telescoping rigid boxes

telescoping rigid boxes are one of the most demanded types of packaging. They are sturdy, durable, and easy to use. They also give a luxurious look to the product. Moreover, they are resistant to different weather elements. They are also affordable. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

The top of a telescoping rigid box is covered with a printed paper wrap. This gives the box an elegant look and offers decoration options. The printed paper wrap is laminated with a soft touch. A shiny foil stamping logo is optional.

Another option for telescoping rigid boxes is to have a paperboard insert. This insert is typically made of 300gsm kraft paper stock. It can be printed or die-cut with any shape holes. It keeps the product in place and can be made to any height.

Another option for telescoping boxes is to have a full covered lid. This is the most popular type of cell phone packaging box. The lid is made to fit over the base. The lid usually has a finger notch on the top. This makes it easier to open and close the lid.

The lids on telescoping rigid boxes are usually larger than the base. A finger notch is also included to make it easier to open. Generally, the lids are hinged. The hinges allow the lid to be connected to the base. The lids also come in different styles.

One of the most popular styles of telescoping rigid boxes is the 2-piece rigid box. This style is used for packaging apparel and electronics. It is usually made from kappa board kraft paper. It is cheaper than the shoulder style.

AERO PLAST LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of telescoping rigid boxes. They have a strong consumer base throughout India. They are trusted sellers on Trade India. They provide their customers with the best products and services.

If you want to increase your business and enhance your brand, you should consider custom telescoping rigid boxes. These boxes are made from high quality grayboard and can be designed to meet your requirements. They can be shipped in 5-6 business days.

Drawer style rigid boxes

Having drawer style rigid boxes is a great way to make your products look more professional. They add value to your products and help you increase brand recognition. They are also ideal for displaying products on shelves.

Rigid drawer boxes are made from durable chipboard and are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. They can be decorated with various types of finishes and ribbons. They are also very easy to open, which makes them an excellent choice for displaying products on shelves. They are also durable and can protect delicate products.

Some rigid boxes are made with magnetic closures, which lock together to close the box. They are also made with a clear window to allow customers to see the contents of the box without having to open the lid. Some hinged lid rigid boxes can be customized with a contrasting color on the lid.

Other features of rigid boxes are magnetic closures, telescopic features, and multiple layers. They also have a pull-out tray, which can hold products in place. Aside from being versatile, they also look good and add value to your products.

These rigid boxes are great for storing fragile products, and can also be used to package limited edition gifts. They also make excellent gifts for any occasion. They are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can be manufactured to your specifications. The team at Packaging Expert has a team of experts, including designers and printers, to help you find the right rigid boxes for your business. They also design shapes and sizes for your boxes. They rigid boxes are a leading supplier of custom packaging in Europe and have been recommended by Uber, Facebook, and more. They are also a favorite of many e-commerce companies.

For example, they can help you increase brand recognition and improve conversion rates. They can also help you create an effective marketing message. They are great for displaying products in retail stores and are a great way to increase brand awareness.

Using rigid boxes to package your products will help you to increase conversion rates and protect your products. You can also customize the box with decorative elements, including ribbons, handles, latches, and internal linings.

Book style rigid boxes

Designed to resemble a book or hardcover book, book style rigid boxes are popular for packing a wide range of products. Typically made of 1.2 mm thick cardboard, these boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. These boxes can be used to package consumer electronics, beauty products, clothes, and other high-end items.

These rigid boxes are available in many styles and designs. They can be used to create a unique unboxing experience for customers. They are also designed to convey a sense of luxury and elegance. They are most commonly used for gifts and smaller, high-end items. Rigid boxes provide a cushioning effect, making them ideal for shipping heavier items.

Book style rigid boxes offer a unique way to package and sell luxury products. They are also perfect for special promotions. The boxes can be wrapped with printed paper or embossed paper. They can be customized to fit the needs of a particular product. These boxes can also feature magnetic additions, which allow customers to easily open them.

Custom rigid boxes are available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. The box can be paired with a foam insert, a printed wraparound, or decorative elements. This type of packaging can help support marketing procedures and long-term product recognition.

Book style rigid boxes can also provide an exciting unboxing experience. They open like books, and the lid can be pulled off the tray vertically. Some designers leave the neck portion of the box exposed for a multi-layer effect. These boxes can also have magnetic closures or a button-strap mechanism.

Book style rigid boxes are available wholesale from PackMoo. They offer quick and cost-free shipping across the United States. They also offer custom rigid box printing options. They are the industry leader. PackMoo offers a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and creative packaging. They offer free design support and 50% off your first order.

Book style rigid boxes can be customized to fit a brand’s specific needs. They can offer unique value and brand identity. These boxes can be used to package expensive products, such as a luxury watch or a set of expensive jewelry.