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If you are still using an old-style wooden or metal screen printing machine, it is time to upgrade to the new generation vertical electric screen printing machine. Continue reading this article to know more about vertical electric screen printing machine 

Vertical Electric Screen Printing Machine:

A business card is a small advertising tool that provides essential information about your company or organization. It is very convenient to give out business cards and has a great effect on your social relationships. 

Now you can print business cards with high precision at home. We have prepared several designs of business card templates which you can choose according to your preferences.

As we all know, the trouble of traditional business card printing lies in its low printing effect, complicated operation process, and inconvenient preparation. 

In order to solve these problems, we develop a new vertical electric screen printing machine for business card printing which is high in printing effect and accuracy, fast in speed, and convenient in operation. 

It also has a steam spray device for drying the ink before removing the stencil from the plate which can shorten the time of drying and avoid the stencil from sticking to the plate with high-temperature heat. 

With this device, you will no longer worry about the problem of the sticky stencil and broken screen mesh when doing business card printing.


The best electric screen printer on the market today is the Vertical Electric Screen Printing Machine. It’s an innovative, brand-new design that takes your business card printing to the next level. 

You’ll get high precision and quality prints with our patented technology. And as a business owner, you’ll love how it will transform your company.