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While in the past few centuries the air conditioning of buildings could largely only be achieved by mechanical devices and constructions, such as the “wind towers” in the hot countries of the Middle East and North Africa. 

Today, thanks to our sophisticated refrigeration and air conditioning technology, various air conditioning systems are precisely tailored to the respective requirements.

Technically, air conditioners are initially divided into two categories by air conditioning suppliers:

  1. Air conditioning systems for regulating the climatic conditions in rooms and buildings.
  2. Air conditioning systems for controlling processes in the commercial and industrial sectors.

But the differentiation goes even further because the word “air conditioning” does not only contain the regulation of temperatures. The climate also includes humidity or air pressure, although this can only be influenced by technical equipment under special conditions.

As a rule, private or commercial air conditioning systems are used in large open areas, such as apartments or offices, which have natural air exchange through windows and doors as well as the air conditioning system.

This is where our classification of the types of air conditioners begins. For the sake of simplicity, we always talk about air conditioning here. Correctly, the systems should be divided into “partial air-conditioning systems” and “air-conditioning systems”. 

Air conditioners regulate temperature and humidity. Partial air conditioning systems only regulate the temperature and usually dehumidify unregulated.

The area of ​​use of air conditioning systems in the commercial sector is very diverse. In addition to the cooling of offices, hospitals, medical practices and shops, this area is dominated by refrigeration systems and chillers.